The hottest new thing in IT is IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made realize the unreal – that is a dynamic network of objects that are connected with each other. According to Cisco's report, the IoT network has grown at an unimaginable pace which has brought the total number of connected devices to some billions today. In this blog, we delve upon the exponential growth of IoT devices, state the factors that have fueled this growth and show the different IoT initiatives being taken by businesses across the globe.

This Year drive forward your Business to New Heights

Every year numerous individuals across the globe start off with their own business ventures. However, very few manage to sustain it well. While business management is not easy, a few tricks up the sleeve helps to tackle the bumps and bruises that come on the way. This blog discusses four such ways that can help any business (regardless of the industry) to keep the roadblocks at bay and maintain double-digit growth every year.

How prepared are you to survive in this New-Age Business Landscape?

Today it's considerably easy to start a business, as there are multiple opportunities for the budding entrepreneurs. However, it doesn't stop here. Running the business successfully involves a great deal of factors such as the choice of employees or customer management practices. In this blog, we bring forth the viewpoint of a renowned expert who talks about the technology factor that influences business' success and explains what attitude should businesses ideally have towards it.

Gartner predicted Five Technology Trends for 2015

Whether you're a one-person or hundred employee company, the level of competition for you is high. To help you keep your business on an upward track in this this hyper-competitive environment, you require the knowledge of the latest business trends that is scheduled to come on the block. This blog provides a detailed insight on five most discussed Gartner Technology trends that are bound to affect the businesses. Read, understand and implement these to be on the top of your game this year.

Find the best custom software development company with these FIVE tricks in your sleeve

Hiring a custom software development company can put any business entrepreneur in a dilemma. Reason being that most of them have realized the fact that selecting a vendor solely on the parameter of low pricing can leave their company floating in a situation of plight with failed software deployment and difficult user interface. Consequently, businesses need to find a balance between cost and quality. In this blog, we cite five parameters that every business needs to take into consideration to make the right choice. Take a look -

Suggested Business Trends for this year (2015)

Renowned business expert and author Ian Altman has released top 10 business trends for 2015. These trends are framed in consideration of the past, present and future business scenarios and is expected to have a significant impact on those organizations who embrace them. In this blog we bring you a paraphrased version of three business trends suggested by Ian. Read, understand and implement them to drive success in the coming time.

How can you have an insanely productive 2015?

To succeed in business today, it's important to have a flexible working model along with good planning and organizational skills. Because making money through business does not happen easily. Businesses need to keep brainstorming to come up with the best suggestions and practices. They need to take out the time and plan out all the necessary steps to achieve success. Read on to find out how.

Delight your customers with these 5 creative ways

It costs ten times more to win a new customer than to keep a current one. So customer retention is the key for every small and large business. However, customers are not loyal by nature and especially in today's time when the options are galore, it's easy for customers to switch their loyalties. In such a scenario, it's essential for every business to be at its toes always when it comes to serving the customers. They need to provide a unique customer experience by proactively anticipating the customers’ needs and expectations and catering to them.

Your recipe to a successful sales team

Unlike a one-person sales team where you are performing all the activities by yourself, managing a sales team calls in for a more serious commitment. Because although you have the tasks divided, chances of cracks arising in between are always in high probability. As a result, your first priority is to ensure that your sales team runs well. After all, it is sales that drives your company. So improving your sales staff is an essential part of growing your company's profits.

Why online retailers need CRM more than ever

2009 Gartner study pointed out retail CRM to be one of the most crucial and in-demand software applications. Five to seven years down the line, the prediction has come true. With the proliferation of customers demands and more stiff competition, retailers require CRM to manage all touchpoints (manufacturing, marketing, sales and delivery) more effectively. This blog delves upon the issue in detail, explaining how and why CRM has become the imperative need of every online retailer.


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