Your recipe to a successful sales team

Unlike a one-person sales team where you are performing all the activities by yourself, managing a sales team calls in for a more serious commitment. Because although you have the tasks divided, chances of cracks arising in between are always in high probability. As a result, your first priority is to ensure that your sales team runs well. After all, it is sales that drives your company. So improving your sales staff is an essential part of growing your company's profits.

Why online retailers need CRM more than ever

2009 Gartner study pointed out retail CRM to be one of the most crucial and in-demand software applications. Five to seven years down the line, the prediction has come true. With the proliferation of customers demands and more stiff competition, retailers require CRM to manage all touchpoints (manufacturing, marketing, sales and delivery) more effectively. This blog delves upon the issue in detail, explaining how and why CRM has become the imperative need of every online retailer.

Learn why your sales team needs a mobile CRM NOW

So, you’re sales team is growing. Good! But it is taxing. Especially in today's time when the competition has surfaced to a new level altogether – you need to be at your toes to ensure that your sales graphs do not steep downward.
And one of the best ways to certify this is by implementing a mobile CRM solution. Facts suggest that Mobile CRM empowers sales representatives to be more prompt and quick at their work.
Do not believe? Read the blog that delves upon this subject in detail.

Customer Service Trends for 2015

Customer service is no longer considered to be an extension but an integral part of the business process. The reason behind this change of attitude is simple: we are living in the Age of the Customer.
And thus, it makes all sense to implement innovative service strategies to win customers allegiance and get benefited from strong word-of-mouth recommendation. This blog summarizes the top customer service trends for 2015 that you must pay attention, to strengthen relations with your customers.

Is your business ready for next year?

Learn the four steps that you need to take in order to make your business flourish in the coming year of 2015.


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