Corelynx announces improved Cloud Support for companies planning to move away from their traditional solution architecture

Corelynx an established Silicon Valley based Enterprise Software Company, plans to render better and improved cloud hosting solutions to its clients across the globe. Developing complex business applications and online commerce solutions since 2005, Corelynx has been one of the early adopters of cloud computing technology. It has adopted Cloud Computing in recognition of its benefit to bring in a new era of responsiveness, effectiveness and competence in IT service delivery.

Early on, we recognized Cloud Computing’s key role in rapid deployment of services, delivery of new economics and tight alignment with business goals. Consequently, we implemented cloud computing, aggressively and successfully within our own operations. Today, we are capable to offer our customers a full breadth of robust and secure enterprise-class cloud solutions including public, private and hybrid cloud hosting options.

Our flexible, scalable solutions ensure to dramatically improve the efficiency and availability of IT resources, for those select times when processing demands exceed what internal IT infrastructure can accommodate’’ – said, Manash Chaudhuri Director and CEO of Corelynx Technologies Inc

Cloud Computing Growth in the coming years

Cloud computing has tangibly improved the business value. Higher customer retention, faster response to competitive conditions, horizontal market expansion, flexible support for business strategies and enhanced SOA are some of the key benefits that have accelerated cloud computing adoption today. Considering the range of value (from both technological and business standpoints) that cloud gives access to, research bodies like Gartner and Forrester has predicted –

Worldwide cloud computing market to witness 36% compound annual growth rate, reaching a market size of $19.5B by 2016.

69% of enterprises to have separate and increased budgets for cloud computing in 2014.

Asia-Pacific cloud computing market to solely grow from $6.9B in 2013 to $31.9B in 2020.

Corelynx’s strategic relationship with Rackspace, Amazon and Open Cloud viz OpenStack and Eucalyptus

With on-demand computing resources set to thrive in the coming years, Corelynx has built strategic relationships to deliver its clients – a family of integrated enterprise-class cloud computing technologies and services.

Since 2007, Corelynx has developed and implemented many Enterprise level Applications on Cloudstacks at Amazon and Rackspace.

‘’ We have been deploying cloud enabled, SaaS applications before the word ‘cloud’ became a household term. We have hosted applications on Amazon EC2, EBS and S3. Last year, we have become technology partners of Amazon AWS and Rackspace to enable us deploy world-class cloud technology to our clients and help them introduce the power of cloud in businesses. Both Amazon and Rackspace have endorsed us as trusting partner for businesses related to cloud.’’

Corelynx has also developed good number of implementations on Private Clouds using the OpenStack standards, Eucalyptus and Linux OS.

’We have experienced engineers who are proficient in using Eucalyptus (open-source computer software) for building Amazon Web Services (AWS)-compatible private cloud computing environments. Eucalyptus private clouds provide benefits to our clients namely – increased control, portability, agility, scalability, flexibility and reliability.’’

’In addition, we have also garnered expertise in helping clients transit smoothly from their current set-up to an OpenStack powered private cloud computing environment. By using OpenStack standards, our clients benefit from scalability, fault tolerance and disaster recovery.’’

Corelynx – Cloud Solutions which enterprises rely on

Whether it’s the challenge of building onto existing infrastructure or from the ground up, Corelynx is equipped to handle all – through its cloud solutions designed with open standards-based technology with no vendor lock-in. Corelynx is one of those select names that provide a complete model with the right security, flexibility and reliability levels across all delivery platforms.

Corelynx knows that without the right tools, determining the cloud readiness of workloads and migrating them to the cloud can be challenging. This is precisely why it adopts a structured approach to help its clients quickly plan and implement a cloud migration.

’Using proven methodologies, our specialists:

·Analyze the migration complexity and cost benefits to identify the workloads best suited for migration

·Develop a migration roadmap based on the factors such as —productivity, security, end user services and budget

·Apply uniform, automated processes to quickly complete the migration and deployment.’’

Safe, secure and quality hosting solution

Corelynx implements tested and consistent set of security procedures to stay up-to-date on operational excellence. Their data centers are SAS 70 Type II audited. In addition they also follow HIPAA and PCI compliant hosting standards.

’We partner with clients, managing their computing and storage needs and ensuring compliance with federal requirements for IT infrastructure. We operate multiple SAS 70 Type II compliant data centers strategically located in different Geo locations, and hence provide cloud computing, cloud storage and managed services with the highest level of security, redundancy, scalability and technology.’’

Corelynx focuses on developing resilient applications in both public and private cloud environments. It has set up an architecture that is capable of handling server and cloud failures; flexibly scales up or down as the demand varies; and reduces CapEx and procurement cycle time.

’We offer support services to clients in managing and maintaining their cloud capacity – thereby, enabling them to lower the costs of maintaining in-house IT department and hardware. By using our services, business entrepreneurs can transit their capital cost into operative cost and enjoy an equal opportunistic environment as others.’’

About Corelynx Inc

Corelynx Technologies Inc is an established Silicon Valley based Enterprise Software Company. It has implemented one of the first enterprise level applications on Amazon cloud setup in 2007. Till date, Corelynx has developed and customized open source ERP, CRM, CMS services and built APIs for mobile devices, desktops, iphones and cloud.

Corelynx’s organized process, advanced technology and an efficient workforce have enabled it to achieve 200+ customers in a few years. Business entrepreneurs of different industry verticals have referred Corelynx as a trusted partner that has the technical expertise, business acumen and creativity to develop software solutions. Corelynx has been involved in developing several awards’ worthy innovative products and platforms.

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