Corelynx offers a wide array of solutions for a range of key verticals

No longer, use of Information Technology resource is dependent on having huge capital to own it. Cutting edge Cloud computing technology makes it possible. As paradigm shift, Corelynx can help your company in mapping its path to the cloud. Since 2007, it has handled different cloud computing projects with utmost efficiency.

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Corelynx’s web application service takes a definite approach towards web application development.Our proficient developers can develop tailored applications for companies across different business domains, regardless of the size.



Corelynx is all about going beyond limits and boundaries. Our nonstop pursuit of technological expansion helps us to stand apart in the crowd. Being a leading web development company, we offer cutting edge solutions to clients across industrial sectors.

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Denis Kelly

Corelynx is a trusted vendor, but more importantly, Corelynx is a trusted partner. Developing software solutions requires a unique blend of technical expertise, business acumen and creativity. Corelynx excels in all of these areas. In today's fast-changing environment, every project requires numerous changes as it progresses from concept to implementation, and companies must adapt effortlessly and expediently in order to survive. This requirement is amplified when developing software. Corelynx has assisted ID Cuffs increase its competitive advantage by providing unique software solutions that adapt to these volatile conditions. 

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