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Learn what is customer experience all about, why does it affect your company’s ROI and how should you do it.

Gartner CRM Guide, 2014: More Than 50% of CRM Will Be Deployed As SaaS by 2015

It’s clear and evident! Gartner in its CRM Guide 2014 (published on March 10, 2014) has stated the rate at which CRM systems are expected to thrive within the next ten years. With more than 50% Of CRMs to get deployed As SaaS by 2015, you can say, the tipping point of on-premise versus SaaS-based CRM deployments will eventually arrive next year.

Does cloud computing leads to business agility

Cloud Computing’s demand is old news. We’re reading more and more stories about cloud adopters (across the world) every day, creating a veritable hype cycle.  Let’s not get into that.


Gartner Speaks: CRM will be the top software investment

Gartner Newsroom has issued another press release highlighting the growing trend of CRM applications. It starts off with describing how organizations are leveraging CRM to enhance the customer experience. Later it hinges on the different organizational requirements of CRM and concludes with Internet of Things as the Fifth Driver of CRM.



Gartner : cloud trend has boosted tablet sales

Gartner expects worldwide tablet shipments to grow by 53.4% i.e. 184 million units. This will be a straight blow to the sale of traditional PCs— predicted to be down by 11.2%. By mid 2014, the difference between traditional PCs and tablet shipments will be reduced to only 18,000 more PCs than tablets shipped.


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