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Gartner seven technological trends for 2014

Gartner, Inc. has highlighted the top technological trends that will affect organizations in 2014. In the words of David Cearley - “We have identified the technologies that companies should factor into their strategic planning processes. This does not necessarily mean adoption and investment in all of the listed technologies, but companies should look to make deliberate decisions about them during the next two years.”

He further added that the convergence of four powerful forces: social, mobile, cloud and information, will drive change in the corporate realm.

How to choose the right Cloud ERP software?

The pressure on every business to succeed with controlled costs and standardized process is immense. Not to forget, things have got further compounded, thanks to lack of skilled IT resources. In such a plight, making the right (read: affordable) technological investment has become a puzzle.


How has cloud become the SMBs’ weapon to compete with their bigger rivals?

It’s common knowledge – customers compare businesses based on the type and quality of service they provide. Service standard (how high or low it is) acts as the differentiating factor. Furthermore, Perception of good service crosses vertical lines i.e. the service offered by a company affects the customers’ interactions with other companies.

How can you maintain your customer service edge through social media?

Traditionally, there was just one source that would inform a company about customer service issues. Today, there are a slew of sources that perform the same function. In the midst of these different channel options, social media is unquestionably the ‘highly-used’ medium. Customers have found it as a new and easy way to unleash their frustrations.

How to build a loyalty program for low customer defection?

According to Accenture Research Report (conducted by Janet L. Hoffman and Eric M. Lowitt), the risk of customer defection in the retail sector is about to skyrocket. As they state it – ‘’Customers are intelligent, informed and savvier today. Retailers cannot attract/hold them through traditional approaches. Although customer retention is not a pipe dream, it is expected of retailers to come up with innovative and avant-garde solutions.’’

Let your customers do the talking!

The present state of things (I mean the economic turmoil and cut-throat competition) has compelled organizations to put their marketing and customer techniques under the scanner.

This Valentine, hold your customers for life through a lovable customer experience

Any business that aims to achieve long-term success must first understand the importance/value of having a lifetime relationship with a customer. Then only can the business shift its focus from individual transactions (making a buck in the short term) to building trust that will undoubtedly pay off and realize opportunities never imagined.

Are you dealing with the right cloud service provider?

Cisco’s strategic marketing organization has stated - global spending on cloud services to grow from $72.6 billion to $181 billion in the next two years, representing a 20 percent CAGR

Five key lessons to create customers for life

‘’Please hold as we direct your call to the customer executive…All our customer executives are attending other customer calls…Please stay on the line as your call is important to us’’ – An oxymoronic statement!


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