What makes a Great Manager? (5 attributes)

Posted by Paul Anderson

What makes a Great Manager? (5 attributes)

Leading a team is never easy. Especially in the business world when the manager leads a group of people whose performance directly affects the ROI of the organization. In such cases, the leadership qualities and overall effectiveness of the managers matter a lot.

So what are the five most imperative qualities that you need to look into a person before appointing him as the leader of any of your teams – let’s read below:

1. A Supporter

He who makes a great supporter makes a good manager as well

A team automatically has its performance boosted when its manager is always there championing the team members to success. These managers not only keep the spirits of the team high but also give them positive reinforcements whenever the team performs well. Instilled with positive belief, these teams always accomplish beyond what is expected of them.

2. An Empathizer

The best managers are those that truly make an effort to understand the predicaments of their team. So if one of the team members is having performance issues in the past couple of days – perhaps a one to one session with the employee can be a good idea. It can take the relationship between the employee and the manager to great miles ahead. Once the manager finds out the real pain point, he can use his own thought process and coach the employee to tackle the problem.

This quality of empathizing can work in a mutually benefiting direction; meaning it can help the employee up his performance and enable the manager to come an inch closer to the team members.

3. A Believer

The best managers are those that satisfy their team. And the team only gets satisfied when they get the flexibility to exercise their own thinking and decision-taking skills. This is precisely why the most successful managers show belief upon their members and empower and entrust them to make decisions and take action.

Allowing the team members to take decisions hones their skills better. Team members learn from their experiences and include these insights into their performance. It only makes it easier for the managers to appoint them with greater responsibilities.

4. An Honest Communicator

Transparency in communication is most vital. And the managers who understand this fact ensure that they maintain it always. Not only are they honest and transparent in what they say but take initiatives to get the same frankness from their team members as well. Inevitably, this certifies that all the team including the manager is on the same page. Work becomes easy and the team performance definitely soars high.

5. A Problem Solver

A large chunk of managerial responsibilities involves problem solving. And the ones who execute this role well are always tagged as successful leaders. For instance, if the team is grappling with mismanaged customer records, then brining in CRM software solutions proactively can be a big relief to the team. With all the records stocked up in the CRM repository, the team can comfortably access the CRM whenever they require looking into any customer history.