Posted by Paul Anderson

Make Windows Apps Accessible Through HTML5

Do you want to access Windows Applications on your new age mobile computing device? Undoubtedly it is one of the challenging affairs but there is also a readymade solution for you. There are several remedies being available in the market for this particular problem. However the best way is to get hold of an innovative portal technology that enables windows apps easily available to mobile computing through an HTML interface.

To tell you more, it runs within a browser and works locally with any type of browser with the support of HTML5 and WebSockets. What is unique is that this technique frees one from installing Java, Flash, Silverlight or any other core technologies on end-user appliance. It is time saving as you do not have to download or upload files. Each and every file opens up inside the web portal to build a virtual desktop for the valued customer of the mobile computing.

Can you ask for anything more? Well, this tailored technology is suitable for the current time that witnesses increase in the usage of Apple iPads and Google Android devices that has made the entire IT process diversified. Facing the realities, this technology of making Windows available to mobile computing interfaces without creating any sort of networking overhead, definitely, is the call of the current season.