The Key to a Successful Custom Software Development

Posted by Paul Anderson

The Key to a Successful Custom Software Development

In experts’ opinion thorough conceptualization at the initial stage makes custom software development well-positioned for success. However, another crucial factor that makes or breaks a software project is the level of collaboration between the client and the software development team.

According to a report by Tech Web –

‘Around 45% of software projects collapse during the course of development due to disharmony between the client and the developers.’

To ensure that your software project does not turns out to be a mammoth disaster, you need to emphasize upon strong and smooth collaboration with your software developer. And that can only happen when you choose the right custom application development team that understands your software requirement and communicates with you throughout the development process.

Choosing the right software developer

Before you jump onto examining the credibility of the software developers, ask yourself –

  • Do you have a clear understanding of your software needs?
  • What purpose do you want your solution to serve?

The answers to these questions should come immediately to your mind. In case of a slightest of doubt, do not panic. Simply find your answers to the below-mentioned questions:

  • Who will be the users?
  • What value will the software add?
  • What type of high-level features will be required?

Once, you build a precise understanding of your software users and business needs – start with your initial strategy discussions with different software developers.

While discussing with several custom software development companies – it can be obvious to get attracted to those who make the tallest claims. However, it is not the right approach. That is because most often these developers over promise beyond what they can deliver. Placing your bets on them can only lead you to a soup later. So beware!

Use the trick of MVP development

MVP software development is a lot like litmus test. Every custom software development company claims to do it but each has a unique approach. And that is precisely what spells the difference between the good software developers and the fluff ones. So talk about MVP software development with different companies. See what each has to say. Interestingly you will find that the fluff ones will run through your requirement and be more concerned towards the deal closure. As obvious – their objective will be to get the cash registers rolling.

However, on the contrary, the best software developers will prioritize upon a detailed understanding of your MVP needs and priorities. They will ask about the value of the project from the users’ perspective. Based upon which, they will list the features that will be required to build, to achieve your desired behavior and actions.

They will simply not call your MVP as a “good idea” and get on with the price negotiation. Rather they will analyze each feature, weigh the benefits or challenges and point out the costly pitfalls. And most importantly, it is these software development companies who will keep you in the loop right from the start-to-the-end of the development.

So use the MVP trick as the tell-tale sign and select a software development team that emphasizes upon understanding your business objectives and promises to collaborate with you throughout the development cycle.

Corelynx – Your Best Software Development Partner

Corelynx holds in depth expertise in delivering robust, scalable, and extensible custom software solutions. Our custom software development services include both customization of pre-developed software platforms and full-cycle software development.

Our software development team includes five categories of professionals with well-defined responsibilities:

1. Project Manager: He monitors the entire software project development and keeps a constant tab on the team’s activity. Any new requirement gets conveyed via him to the developers. His prime objective is to get the project designed, developed and delivered within the set time.

2. Business Analyst: He functions as the inter-mediator between the client and the development team. He analyzes the software requirements, works out the project strategy, frames a documentation and leads the project.

3. Designers: They create the look-and-feel of the software, taking into account the client’s requirements. They are well-trained in Photoshop and equipped to write CSS-code as well.

4. Software Developers: They are throughly experienced in various spheres of software development and hold knowledge about the latest development frameworks and technologies.

5. Software Testers: They test the software during the course of development are are aware of several methods of software testing such as black box testing, smoke testing and so on.

Note: The entire team works in complete collaboration and coordination. That means every member has a clear idea of what other members are doing. After all – only in collaboration does the whole team succeeds, right?

So without any delay, share your software development inquiries with us and our team of experts will provide you the best possible insight.