How to make your company a favorite among the employees?

Posted by Paul Anderson

How to make your company a favorite among the employees?

Cloud technology – the best way to go green

It is interesting to see that as the trend of go green has spread across the corporate sphere, the rate of Cloud adoption has increased substantially. Companies who earlier might have been hesitant to opt for Cloud technology have shown enormous interest in adopting cloud based applications .

The reason behind such high numbers is the benefit that Cloud based systems provide to companies. Apart from the operational benefits, Cloud is the perfect way to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Let’s see how – 

·         Few machines=less power consumption: Migrating to a Cloud environment reduces the dependence on hardware and infrastructure. Lesser machines results in low carbon emission from the office. 

·         No more wastage of resources:  Cloud computing offers the benefit of having a scalable infrastructure. This has come as a boon for companies who have a fluctuating demand of resources. This is a big relief from situations where companies had to spend dollars on a seldom used infrastructure and bear its high power costs too. In short, cloud technology has made those instances a history when a server (used just twice a week) would run 24/7. 

·         Lesser obligation of a workplace: Yes, you read it right! Some companies have gone one step ahead and removed the obligation to have a physical workplace. They have given complete liberty to their employees to work from homes/coffee shops/ or for that matter any other connected place. The idea is to use the cloud technology to keep the work operations open, flexible and accessible everywhere.

This working pattern has great impact on the environment. With lesser number of employees commuting to the workplace daily, inevitably the carbon impact is reduced. 

Cloud Computing is indeed the technological aid of the moment. Its environment protection features just extends the list of benefits that Cloud already has (such as being cost-effective & offering better resources). Summing up in the words of a technological expert – 

‘’The ideal time to switch over to Cloud Computing is now. With software such as cloud based CRM/cloud ERP already a roar, switching to the cloud environment is the best way to tackle climatic obligations, financial challenges and competitive markets.’’ And yes, not to forget adopting Cloud will always help you win the preference of present and potential employees.