Posted by Paul Anderson

Five Essential Ways of Securing Data in Cloud

With cloud computing gaining popularity day by day, it is not surprising that the fear regarding privacy or security of data in cloud platform also is gaining momentum. Privacy of data of both business and their clients is a long drawn issue. Be it on cloud or on any on-site system, you need to keep all your data in secured manner and rightly avoid negative outcome of a security infringement. 

So what are your plans regarding protection of data of your organization? Here’re few practices that you can adopt in order to protect your data on cloud.

1. Encrypt data  all the time

Be sure that data stored on cloud must be encrypted in best possible way. So whenever security violation occurs, your info becomes inaccessible and remains always safe and secured. Follow the simple rule. Store the encryption keys outside the cloud. Just as you don’t keep your keys in your front door lock, you also must not keep your encryption keys with data on the cloud. Encryption also makes it possible so that you have complete control over your data and also eliminates fear of any kind of 3rd party jurisdiction. Whenever you place data on cloud, be sure that the data will remain where you have placed it and that you can get it whenever you want it.

2. Select a partner whom you can trust.

Before signing up an agreement with your cloud service provider, you must read their privacy policy and also look into their security and warranty offers that they provide. Your provider must give guarantee of maximum uptime and always make you happy and satisfied. Be aware of all the things before taking up its service.

3. Keep your eyes open.

Although you are working on cloud it is always advisable to have an efficient IT team. Track down your data, make installation of additional firewalls for avoiding unauthorized access and also run tests frequently. External security penetration tests will assure you as well as your customers that all the sensitive data and information are stored in secured manner. 

4. Confidentiality is maintained.

Avoid sharing the access details like user id, password with people who do not require it. The more the number of people is having access to secure information, the greater is the risk for privacy breach.

5. Employ best practices.

Make sure that all internal programming follows best practices that actually help your company to shun unnecessary risk and weakness. By securing your site and data collection tools you can add another level to the protection of confidential information stored on the cloud.

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