Posted by Paul Anderson

Catch Exclusive CRM trends of 2012!

New Year 2012 heralds fresh promises and progress. In software technology too we look forward to more advanced facilities that ease out computing issues like never before. Especially for CRM system our expectations have reached sky high.  CRM software along with its unique tools and mechanism has captured the spotlight and claims to deliver superb customer service. 

What are you waiting for? Let us have a quick look at 2012’s latest trends that are based on the predictions being made by Forrester Research, a self-governing technology and market research company that offers guidance on existing and potential impact of technology, to its clients as well as the public.  

Stress will be on Social CRM. In fact the IT industry is flooded with reports emphasizing the business values that social CRM can provide. As a result more and more business organization will invest on CRM technology with Social CRM tracking ability. Some of the CRM companies who are offering such services are Salesforce, SugarCRM, ConvergeCRM and Sage CRM. 

Importance of cloud business applications will continue to grow in 2012 and in case of CRM also there will be no difference. Present CRM marketplace has seen a gradual rise of Cloud based implementation and SaaS model. 

Over the years we are accustomed with Business Intelligence but we seldom use such tools. Increment in every level of competition will also accelerate the scope of BI investment since businesses want to maximize the value of their data. That is what our techies predict.

On the whole, SME and large companies alike, everyone will be more focused in getting their CRM initiative in order. To ensure growth rather than controlling cost, which has been the mantra for past three years, Companies will be more willing to spend in the infrastructure and implementation of CRM like processes in their organization to generate more revenue and business. Creative models will be implemented via the social network to help Companies define loyalty programs to formulate indirect ways to gain more Customer base. As a leading CRM development company we held high opinions on such kind of forecasts. It enables us to take a grip on the existing CRM and its technology before we endeavor the task of improving our business CRM strategies.