Product Development

Have software product ideas to re-engineer your business process, but not sure how to proceed further?

Corelynx can help you set the gears in motion with its start-to-end software product design & development service.

Stages of our product architecture design & development service includes:
  • Goal mapping

    Absolute understanding of client’s business goals, organizational workflow and other crucial insights through multiple knowledge-gathering sessions.

  • Project Planning

    Collaborating with clients to brainstorm ideas in relation to the product concept. Accordingly framing the product plan and technical architecture.

    Building Prototype

    Building a prototype based on the currently discussed requirements. Delivering the prototype to the clients to provide them an “actual feel” of the product and test-drive its core features.

  • Analyzing

    Discussing with clients whether the prototype matches the expected specification or not.

  • Product Designing and Development

    Using industry-standard (or client specific) design and development tools, technologies and languages to do rapid product development. Following the agile development methodology to develop phases of the product at fixed-length sprints, conduct sessions to review the product; identify and resolve defects if any; and elaborate over the forthcoming product features.

  • Product Testing

    Carrying out manual and automated tests to ensure that the product design and functionality matches the required benchmark.

Our product development approach involves four crucial benefits:
  • Complete management of your requirements throughout the product development lifecycle
  • Constant collaboration across the ecosystem to foster greater innovation and ensure right product development
  • Integration of leading technologies to optimize product functionality
  • Use of Gantt Chart to ensure that the product development is completed on schedule.

The objective that drives our software product design & development service is increase of clients’ REVENUE. That’s precisely why we align leading technologies to your business needs and eventually deliver a software product that is impactful, innovative, productive and long-serving.

The idea is to help you overcome your business bottlenecks with domain-specific product solutions that take your business forward; which is why we have a team who has the expertise to solve a broad range of industry challenges through the most compelling software products.

So whether you plan to develop a software product from scratch or optimize an existing one, we come across as the right partner with values like Transparency, Quality and Timeliness attached to our service.