Internet of Things

With more than ninety percent of information getting constantly generated by devices, sensors, networks, applications and end users – businesses have chunks of data to analyze and act upon.

That is why a large number of businesses have already invested in the Internet of Things (IoTs) domain. And the benefits of doing this are galore. These businesses are able to streamline and analyze the data from multiple sources, extract insights from it and accordingly improve their different processes.

Harvard Business Review states – “majority of the companies that have adopted IoT are already seeing some measurable benefits in customer responsiveness, internal collaboration, insight, and productivity.”


If you too wish to capitalize upon the network of connected devices, data, connections, processes, and people but do not know how to steer further – Corelynx stands as your perfect IoT project Consultation and Implementation partner!

We possess deep industry knowledge, in-depth technology expertise and a robust delivery mechanism to help businesses (in a wide range of market verticals) capitalize on the Internet of Things capabilities. Our broad suite of IoT services includes identification of business priorities, strategy development, network architecture design, proof of concept, pilot program, application deployment and technical assistance.

At Corelynx, our objective is loud and clear: to ensure complete success of your IoT project, by closely collaborating with your teams and leading them together smoothly into the ‘network of connected things’.

We seamlessly connect your people, processes, devices, sensors and products to let you experience multiple benefits such as:

Improved Efficiency

Connected devices and processes provide easy capturing of crucial business insights to better understand customers behavior, track business performance, detect loopholes, improve processes and anticipate market trends.

Reduced time and costs

Smooth flow of data between devices and people radically reduces the money otherwise spent in operations and management.

Better Team Performance

Employees get empowered with all the data at fingertips to make informed decisions on time.

More Innovation

Intelligence and insights gathered enable to proactively fix emerging issues, detect the rising trends and respond to forthcoming opportunities and threats with product and service innovations.

So whether you want to drive operational efficiencies or completely transform your business model into digital through the Internet of Things – our proven processes, tools and team of technical experts make you realize all these benefits and much more with the best IoT-powered solutions that flawlessly converge people, processes and information.