Project Objective

The objective that triggered this project was to digitize the whole incentive application process for the West Bengal ICT Incentive Scheme. The offline incentive application process was long, tedious, complicated and difficult to manage. So the West Bengal Government, planned to build an online platform that would make the whole process faster, smoother and efficient.


The biggest challenge faced was to create a common platform that was self-sufficient for use by both the incentive applicants and the government. It required several sessions to understand the detailed work process of WEST BENGAL ICT INCENTIVE SCHEME, analyze the software requirements and map them together in various system components.

Our Solution

We delivered a robust and efficient online web application system for West Bengal ICT Incentive Scheme. As per client’s requirements, the application facilitates faster processing of incentive applications, reduces overhead of offline validations, ensures legitimate and valid incentive application from employers and involves less paper work. It is equipped to manage the entire process flow, starting from:

  • Registration of the industrial units
  • Submission of incentive applications
  • Review of incentive applications
  • Approval/Disapproval of incentive applications Email notifications
  • Regarding approval/disapproval.
Technology Used

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP with CodeIgniter Framework, AngularJS, HTML5, Ajax, Jquery, Node.js, M-Script.