LAMP is a free open source software package used for running dynamic web server. LAMP, a short form, stands for Linux OS; Apache HTTP servers, MySQL database software and also PHP (or sometimes Perl or Python). However, the perfect combination of software in LAMP pack, varies on the basis of website scripting software. For instance, PHP is replaced or complemented by Perl and/or Python.

LAMP : Our Specialties

Open new opportunities:This cutting LAMP application structure unlocks new possibilities for the clients as it frees them from all types of licensing limitations. Thus you can build up as well as deploy LAMP software applications suiting your requirements and not as per ways being laid down by other technical proprietor.

Expertise in LAMP techniques:With help of this open source technology you can get benefits like addition or subtraction of any functionality from the applications. At Corleynx’s LAMP website development service the developers have gained proficiency in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP as well as in Web2.0 techniques and tools. They can recognize your desires easily and produce best solution for your project.

Excellent LAMP customization:With customizable LAMP attributes we develop fully robust as well as scalable Web 2.0 apps according to the clients’ needs. Over the years we have done extensive research on LAMP techniques and thus build own versions in order to customize LAMP applications for customers. Our expertise on Apache server technologies also brings in profitable ROI for your business.

Superb operation: Easy deployment is a great advantage that you can get from LAMP techniques. The majority of web hosts provide LAMP based scenario and in case, it is unavailable, you can make use of Linux-centric Fedora or even Debian models.

Proper utilization of this time saving technology:LAMP application model decreases time for processing and thus makes the deployment of software bundle quick and easy. In case if you have diverse hardware platforms and also want to run LAMP based apps on them then also we can fulfill your demands. LAMP provides excellent portability of platform and can even run well on x86 servers that ensure flexibility as well as scalability.

Whether you need a simple or a feature-rich and extensive database driven system, we offer you special programming and also development solutions that are customized to meet up your specific needs.